Since our inception, Jungle Straws has aimed to support, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses of all kinds to make the switch to reusable straws and sustainable alternatives to plastic. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual who wants to purchase branded bamboo straws for your pop up market stall, or if you are a business looking to further enhance your green credentials by ordering bulk engraved bamboo straws, at Jungle Straws, we have you covered. We like to forge great partnerships, and feel proud to have worked with some established companies as well as some passionate individuals that have so far placed their trust in our sustainable ethos.

Send us a message with your logo

Send us your design via email. You can send over your logo or a personalised message.


We will aim to have your design engraved on to a straw and a photo sent back to you within 24 hours.

Receive photo of your straw / logo

Once you’ve received the photo, we can discuss any questions that you may have and modify where necessary.


When you’re happy with your design, you can place an order. We can ship worldwide within 14 days.

Place an order and await delivery

Should you want to re-order in the future. We can set up a regular subscription process for less hassle!



Our process is designed with minimal fuss in mind. When you enquire about a custom order, and upload your logo or personalised message to our site, we aim to engrave this onto a straw and send you back a photo in under 24 hours. It’s then over to you to confirm the design and your quantity requirements before awaiting shipment.

All of our custom branding and engraving is taken care of in-house by our dedicated team, and no third parties are used during the process. We use the latest 3D CO2 laser engraving technology to make a big impact, putting that personal touch on to a bamboo straw, cutlery set, toothbrush or coconut bowl.

For weddings or those cherished special events, custom keepsakes are the perfect way to promote you or your brand, or act as a beautiful reminder of that special day, long after your guests have left. We can cater for all events, no matter their size.

Branded bamboo straws and cutlery capture people's attention. Not only do they look fantastic across social media, but they also help to spread the word and enhance your business. They perfectly serve as a tangible reminder of your loyalty in preserving our environment. We can also customise your request with a range of accessories such as natural hessian straw and cutlery pouches, coloured jute sleeves, and natural cleaning brushes.


Send us your logo or the personalised text that you'd like on your bamboo straw (along with the font type that you'd like to use) to and we will send you a photo with your design engraved onto a straw within 24 hours.

If you have other questions, please reach out via the form below.

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