How to be ethical and smell good doing it: Natural deodorant that really works!


If you had asked me 2 years ago to switch from spray deodorant to balm, I would’ve recoiled. Balm, to many people sounds like quite an unnatural substance to rub under our arm pits… and I thought so too. Until I met my girlfriend Savannah, who is from America.

In America spray deodorant is seen as quite bizarre or disgusting by many. Every time I sprayed my deodorant Savannah would hide her nose under her t-shirt like I was releasing anthrax. It definitely wasn’t giving me the desired… Lynx effect.


Across the pond they use roll-ons mostly. Which to me was quite strange because I was under the impression that roll-on deodorant didn’t work that well…. I also have vivid nightmares of kids at my school passing the roll-on around the boys changing room, classmates would one after the other rub it in their hairy pits. Surely this can’t be the hygienic solution can it?

As consumers we are easily led to believe one thing by powerful marketing that just isn’t true. If 100 women chase a man around an island on the TV because he is wearing Lynx Africa it must be incredible mustn’t it? But the reality is far from it. Lynx and other deodorants smell okay. They work well enough too. But research from the journal of science in early 2018 has shown that petroleum-based chemicals used in perfumes, paints and other consumer products can, taken together, emit as much air pollution in the form of volatile organic compounds, or V.O.C.s, as motor vehicles do. Not only that, the packaging from these products is less than often recycled and usually ends up in landfills or oceans.

So what is the answer? Why not give natural deodorant a try?

Natural deodorant is absolutely fantastic. The fragrances are incredible and the packaging is completely recyclable. A 60ml tub can last a reasonably smelly person at least 3 months and they are strong enough to quell even the most gruesome odours. I personally use a deodorant balm by Procoal that is charcoal activated and completely aluminium free.

Another fun fact… the cold cream feels pretty nice under your pits!

My advice. Ditch the noxious sprays and test out something less intrusive for a few months.

What do you have to lose?